Our inaugural Atelier release, CUBANA, is the first in a series of enigmatic spirits distilled in London. It is an ode to Caribbean fermentation, a distillation of the cigar, its flavours and key ingredients from those seas and shores.

The indomitable island of Cuba, known as the key to the Caribbean, is special for many reasons. The small family farms that produce the country’s prized Tobacco crops are however, truly extraordinary.


Cuban culture thrives around this local tobacco, it’s planting, growing and harvest season marking important parts of the year. It carries a history of the people, past and present and their culture. In creating CUBANA, the flavour that originates in those fermented tobacco leaves of the Cuban cigar became our lighthouse.

Each of the single accompanying ingredients and the singular flavours they create have been sought out and distilled in this spirit due to also having undergone a traditional fermentation process - from the cacao and the sugar cane to the cured and dried limes. CUBANA distills the spirit of a journey and the power of its findings – its materials. 



Cuban cigar tobacco / Fermented limes / Fermented cacao nibs

Base Spirit: Hi-ester Jamaican rum distilled from estate-harvested sugar cane
No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners

Strength: 52.6% ABV reduced from the distillation strength of 79% ABV.





Colour: pale gold

Nose: a bustling baker’s pantry with aromatic spices, glazed black cardamom buns, lime oil, pistachio halva, almonds, fig blossom, dates, worn hessian sacks, freshly roasted coffee, trailing cigar smoke, leather pouches, dried shiitake mushrooms, a touch of burnt rubber and candle wax.

Palate: cacao, spiced orange preserve, parma violets, prunes, Amontillado sherry, dried apricots smothered in dark chocolate, pineapple tart, saffron. Drifts into chewing tobacco, cedar, burnt cinnamon, engine oil, salted liquorice and distant sea spray.

The core experience is of the Cuban Cigar, distilled with cured black lime and fermented cacao nibs, transmitted via our Hi-Ester Rum fermented and distilled from cane juice.

Naturally the results are unique, with the experience weaving between that of an aged rum and a humidor filled by the aromas of fresh cigars.